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Turkey Tail Mushrooms

The Turkey Tail mushroom is known as Trametes versicolor. It is a type of mushroom that is almost found in every forest around the world. It is not an easy task to identify it due to the many fungi types of woodland that try to resemble it and it is mostly found growing on limbs of tress and on the logs. Turkey tail mushroom has a lot to do with its appearance.

Just as the name suggests, it grows in the shape of a fan. It exhibits many layers and rings of striking and different colors ranging from brown to blue, red and even cream to make it appear indeed like the tail of a wild turkey.

Turkey tail mushrooms are best known for stimulating the immune function and reducing inflammation. They have their origin of use in Asia by traditional Chinese medicine that used formulations of turkey tail to promote general health, strength and longevity.

Turkey tail mushrooms are believed to have a wide array of benefits. They are believed to offer support to chemo patients as it is believed that turkey tail mushroom build the immune system up to better handle the weakness that chemo causes.

Eventually, the strong immune system helps in fighting deadly cancer cells. They have been used as adjuncts to various types of cancer such as lung cancer, breast cancer and gastric cancer in Japan and China.

Due to the strong immune system they create, turkey tail mushrooms prevent and treat common cold and flu thus it is an essential supplement in daily diet. Turkey tail mushrooms have also been tested to help in treating Human Papilloma Virus. They are also essential in facilitating smooth digestion due to the mycelium in the mushroom. Turkey tail mushrooms also posses antibacterial and antioxidant properties that assist in preventing the replication of HIV virus.