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Our Philosophy

We create and deliver superfoods that taste great, are clearly labeled and are delivered in compostable packaging.

It all started when I would pick up an energy bar to try to see how much sugar it had.

I would have to turn the bar over to look at the back, flip up the fold, and try to decipher the ingredients and nutritional info which were always in the smallest font size possible.

Pissed me off.

So I got together with some friends and we decided to create solutions to the things that drove us crazy when food shopping, like:


Too many unsubstantiated promotional statements on packaging.

Too hard to find then read the ingredients and nutritional info.


No thought to waste, sustainability or compostablity with packaging.


Too many unnecessary ingredients.

So we started Alpas Superfoods.

The word Alpas comes comes from the Tagalog language in the Philippines and means to break free.

We want to break free from the old ways that we look at packaging, labeling and ingredients and provide solutions that make sense for today and tomorrow.

Read more on how we are breaking free from old schools of thought on Labeling, Packaging, and Ingredients. We hope you join us on our journey.